Sunday, September 25, 2011

And I'm Back

Dear Readers,

Apologies for the hiatus in my blogging, I've been moving continents. And traveling. It's been a pretty amazing last six weeks. Soon the real work will start as I begin my PhD. (Panic stations indeed.) I've eaten some fabulous things including snails and macaroons in Paris, sausages in Lyon, pizza in Venice, bratwurst in Vienna, chocolate in Switzerland and stroopwaffels in Amsterdam.
Below are some of the highlights. I've now moved into my new space and have my own kitchen so food making will continue soon!

 Snails in Paris

 Laduree Window

Cocktails in Monaco

 First Pizza in Italy

 Lunch on Corfu

 Pizza in Venice

Markets in Venice

 Medium ribs option at Prater Fun Park, Vienna

Bratwurst 'Hot Dog' in Vienna

 Gin Rickey in Prague

 Market in Munich

 Beer in Munich

Cinnamon Roll in Lucerne

 Fish in Hopfgarten

 Cheese making near Edam

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